English Premier League Players

Can Premier League Players Healthy Enough To Resume The League?
Written by, Jacob Cook Wed 16 Sep
Can Premier League Players Healthy Enough To Resume The League?
Can Premier League Players Healthy Enough To Resume The League?

English Premier League Players

Soccer worldwide has been affected in many ways due to the expansion of the Covid-19. Players' health is a crucial factor in playing soccer at the highest level. Will we see the same football performance when matches restart? It only will be possible if players are healthy enough to resume their leagues. The English Premier League is one of the most physically demanding football leagues around the world. So, it can be one of the most affected by the suspension caused by the Coronavirus.

How can Coronavirus suspension affect football players?

Players not affected by the Coronavirus and healthy enough will have to retake the football activities. But will they play at the same level? Since football was suspended due to the pandemic, players have been training at home. Experts in physical training have expressed concern about the shape players will show when they return to the fields. In this sense, it could take months for the players to regain their best shape. And the risk of injury will be higher. Club coaches are sending players personalized conditioning programs to work at home. The goal is to stay in shape. However, nothing replaces the physical demand to play the matches.

According to fitness expert Wayne Richardson, players begin to lose their best shape in just two to three weeks. This can affect teams like Liverpool, whose players put a lot of pressure when defending. This implies constant changes in direction and speed that they are not exercising in their homes. On the other hand, nutritionists from Premier League teams are also doing their job. For example, we have seen on social networks how Chelsea nutritionists send the necessary food and instructions to the players. Mental health is another important factor. Most of the players are alone in their apartments, and they are used to work in wide-open spaces such as football pitches are. Furthermore, they usually play and train together with their teammates and have contact with the public. Now, they have been away from people and their families for several weeks. This can introduce stress to them.

Are English Premier League clubs ready for the future?

To evaluate how much fast English Premier League teams could be ready to resume the season, we can check the age ranges of their players. We can take the current top Premier League teams as a sample. Squads like Tottenham, Leicester, and Manchester United could be ready faster since they have young cores. Tottenham players like Kane, Moura, Son, and Delle Alli are 27 years old or less. Manchester United also has many talented young players like Fernandes, Martial, Shaw, and Maguire.

On the other hand, Manchester City players like Fernandinho, Silva, Otamendi, and Agüero could have it more difficult to regain their form. All of them are over thirty years old. However, we could say that the majority of English Premier League players are in an age range of 23 to 29 years. We are living a moment never seen before. Football players are doing everything they can to be healthy enough to resume the season. But, even if football competitions restart, it will pass a long time before things return to normality.

We hope that the excellent physical preparation and the players' talent can bring us back the high level we have seen in the English Premier League.

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