English Premier League Tightest Title Races

English Premier League Tightest Title Races In History
Written by, Oscar Holt Mon 30 Dec
English Premier League Tightest Title Races In History
English Premier League Tightest Title Races In History

English Premier League Tightest Title Races

We’re in the middle of yet another incredibly entreating season of the top level of English Football – the English Premier League. Every year people have polarizing opinions on which team would be able to snag England’s most coveted title, but could this season’s race to the top be the tightest one yet? Will Liverpool finally take home the trophy? Or will Manchester break records by winning the league three years in a row? Or will it be another team’s time to shine?


Tightest English Premier League Title Race

Last premier league season, only one point separated Manchester City and Liverpool. This time around, the English Premier League seems to shape out to be one of the most entertaining campaigns of football yet. The race to the finish is extremely as close as ever, and as of now, only a few points separate the top four from each other.

At this point, it seems as though Liverpool and Manchester City have cemented themselves as the top two contenders, but do other teams stand a chance? Most experts don’t think so. They believe that it would help The Reds and The Sky Blues fighting it out. Last season, both were more than 20 points ahead of Chelsea, who finished third. But which one of the two will come out on top?


The English Premier League This Season

Let’s take a look at last year’s title winners, Manchester City, first. So far, they’ve had an amazing pre-season. They’re a formidable force, an absolute unit of a team. If there’s anyone who could do it three times over, it’s them. Their start has been slightly shaky, however, and after two surprising losses against Norwich City and Wolverhampton Wanderers, Manchester City has been trailing behind Liverpool by a few points.

The English Giants have also suffered a few setbacks in the injury area – John Stones, Aymeric Laporte, and Nicolas Otamendi will only be joining the team after the New Year, so their defense will take a hit. But will a few minor hiccups keep them down? Will they be able to win their third English Premier League title in a row? With names such as Raheem Sterling, David Silva, Fernandinho and Sergio Agüero on their side, they undoubtedly have the potential.

As of last season’s Champions League winners, Liverpool definitely has the potential. They came out of last season’s English Premier League virtually untouched, with only one loss and one point behind Manchester City. They seem to be emulating the same energy this time around as well, as they still remain undefeated after a phenomenal opening run, but only time will tell if they can maintain this form as they have some big matches coming up. We did see them falter a little in their recent face-off against Manchester United. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, but it did bring up questions as to whether or not Liverpool are too reliant on their front three, particularly Mohamed Salah. This knocked them back a few points, but they still hold their place at the top of the table.

While these early slip-ups may indicate that this season may not be as perfect as last time, but it’s shaping out to be an interesting one.

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