What is DNB (Draw Now Bet) in soccer betting?

What is DNB (Draw Now Bet) in soccer betting?
Written by, Arnaldo Brito Sun 04 Oct
What is DNB (Draw Now Bet) in soccer betting?
What is DNB (Draw Now Bet) in soccer betting?

DNB (Draw No Bet) In Soccer Betting

The offer of betting markets we can find for a football match is extensive. Among this great variety of options, there are many non-traditional or little-known betting markets. Many times these markets hide good opportunities to win. Such is the case of the DNB or Draw No Bet market. If you are a beginner bettor and come across this betting option on your sportsbook website, you may have wondered: What does the DNB bet refer to?

So, What Is DNB In ​Soccer Betting?

DNB is the abbreviation for the phrase Draw No Bet, which means that the draw voids the bet. The DNB is a type of bet in which the draw does not count for the selected event. That is, we can only bet that one team or the other wins. In a draw, the bet is void, and the sportsbook returns the bet money. This market usually has lower odds than those of the 1X2 type. Since there are only two possible outcomes, the failure risk is lower. This bet works just like an Asian handicap 0. Let's see how the odds can change when betting on this market. Suppose a match between the national squads of Germany and the United States. The odds to bet on the 1X2 market would be as follows:

  • Germany 1.90 - Draw 3.50 - the United States 3.15
  • If we choose to bet on DNB, the odds could drop, as shown below, because the risk to the bettor is lower.
  • Germany 1.34- the United States 2.32

How You Can Create A DNB On Your Own

Not all bookmakers offer these bets. In these cases, you can create a bet equivalent to the DNB yourself. For this, you have to use the odds the bookie established for a classic 1X2 bet. Let's go back to the previous example to show the procedure:

  • First, you must determine how much money you'll bet on the match. Suppose we will bet $ 100.
  • From this $ 100, you'll take one part to bet on the draw. You'll use the rest to bet on one of the teams' victory.

The amount wagered on the draw must be such that it allows you to recover the money invested in the two bets, allowing you not to lose money if the match ends in a draw. The amount you will bet on the draw will be obtained by dividing the total to invest (the $ 100 in the example) by the draw's odd (3.50 in the example mentioned above).

  • 100 / 3.50 = $ 28.57
  • If the draw occurs, your profit will be 3.50 x $ 28.57 = $ 100

The rest of the money ($ 100 - $ 28.57 = $ 71.43) will be wagered on the victory of one of the teams. Making a DNB in ​​this way usually pays more than betting on the DNB's odds offered by the sportsbook because we can search and choose the best odds among several bookies. Another way that many bettors use the DNB bet is in parlay bets. This way, you can generate good profits. In this sense, many bettors often look for favorites with odds ranging between 1.40 and 1.70. If the match ends tied, it is excluded from the combined bet.

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