Best Bankroll Management System For Betting On Sports

What Is The Best Bankroll Management System For Betting On Sports?
Written by, Oscar Holt Tue 15 Dec
What Is The Best Bankroll Management System For Betting On Sports?
What Is The Best Bankroll Management System For Betting On Sports?

Best Bankroll Management System For Betting On Sports

To bet on sports and earn money, it is essential to manage your funds efficiently, keeping track of what you earn, lose, and what you risk. When betting, you will have to decide how much money to invest. In this sense, the objective is not to risk more than necessary, since winning all bets is impossible. Besides, the way you manage your money will determine your betting strategy. Some many strategies or betting systems have been created for bankroll management. But what is the best money management strategy for betting on sports?


The Best Money Management System For You

The options are abundant. There is the Kelly Criterion, the Fibonacci System, the Martingale System, the Paroli System, betting a fixed bankroll percentage, and others. Yet, none money management strategy is better than others. There are risky strategies and conservative ones. Alike, some are proper to seek long-term benefits, while others seek faster results. Therefore, each punter must choose the one that best suits their particular characteristics. Whichever strategy you choose, you need to make sure that it meets these key factors.


Managing Negative Streaks

Bankroll management basic principle is to protect your funds. Any successful player has terrible streaks, but his money management allows him to cope with negative streaks and move on. Are you ready to lose? This seems complicated for many to assume, but successful players also lose. Their benefit comes in the long term because they know how to find value, but in the short term, their results fluctuate. To ensure that this does not affect your gambling, your money management strategy must be adjusted to your bankroll size. Moreover, you must keep records of your bets. This implies keeping track of how much you have won or lost in each of them.

Your bankroll size will determine how much you can bet on each occasion. To work this well, you need to calculate what your longest losing period would be. The longest negative streak for some bets can be calculated with the following formula:

−ln (g) / ln (p)

Where "g" is the number of bets made, "p" is the probability of losing, and "ln" is the natural logarithm symbol. If you are not very proficient with math, some websites will help you with this.


Bettor's Profile

As for money management, the bettor's profile is mainly given by these factors: the management of your emotions and your gambling funds availability. The bettor's emotional control will determine the rate at which his bankroll will rise or fall. If a bettor is impulsive, his balance will fluctuate regularly. On the other hand, a bettor who controls his impulses and analyzes his bets will generally have a balance that will grow steadily and slowly.

Likewise, your bankroll size will influence the type of money management strategy you choose. For example, to apply a strategy like the Martingale system, you must have a large amount of money destined to bet and be willing to lose it. If this is not your case, you should resort to more conservative strategies that fit your budget. When it comes to betting and wagering, there are many strategies out there for your to employ. Some tactics will fit even your needs and character. In any case, you must be sure that your money management strategy for sports betting considers the key factors mentioned before.

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