Guide To Do Sports Betting Analysis

How To Perform A Sports Betting Analysis
Written by, Oscar Holt Sat 30 Oct
How To Perform A Sports Betting Analysis
How To Perform A Sports Betting Analysis

Guide To Do Sports Betting Analysis

One of the most common problems for people starting in the betting world is misjudging a bet. There must be a prior study on our part before placing a bet. We must evaluate both the competition and the match in which we will bet. Moreover, you must know the sport in which you're going to bet.

How Should We Analyze A Bet?

Whenever you are going to make a sports bet, you must consider various factors, avoiding being carried away only by intuition. For example, if you are going to analyze a football match, the first thing to check is the league they play. Likewise, it is crucial to examine both teams' situations in that league. You must assess the relevance of the match for each team, among other factors. Next, we will show you the aspects to analyze when making sports bets.

Bet on a team or individual sports

Undoubtedly, when analyzing the players, we must differentiate between individual sports, such as tennis and team sports. The form of a team requires a more complex betting analysis than in single-player sports.

The injuries

This factor will be much more relevant in individual sports since they are sports in which all the weight falls on a single competitor. As for the teams, we must take into account which players are the ones who are injured.

The sanctions

We must look at the players sanctioned for each specific game. The most decisive penalties for a team are going to be those that affect the key players.

Bets on local or visitor

Many factors make local teams have a better winning chance. If we look at the major leagues in Europe, the local winning percentage is usually between 40-50 percent.

How the calendar affects the betting

The sports calendar affects those teams that play multiple competitions than teams that only play domestic leagues. Usually, a tight schedule with many games results in injuries if the squad is not managed well. Therefore, for your forecasts, take into account the teams' calendar. Typically, teams reserve key players in some games, and this will affect your predictions.

Bet considering the star players

Some teams depend more on some players than on others. Look at the trajectory of these players throughout the season.


With the previous study already done, we should wait 24 or 48 hours before the game starts to look for information regarding each team. Also, you should review fans' forums and evaluate the odds line movement in the bookmakers. On the other hand, a common mistake when analyzing bets is to rely solely on statistics. Statistics can be an essential basis in the argumentation of a bet. However, it is a mistake to think that statistics are valid for everything. As you will see, there are many aspects that you can take into account when analyzing. You should not ignore this betting analysis if you want to have a good chance of hitting your predictions in any competition.

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