Michael Olise Footballer Reviews

Professional Footballer Michael Olise
Written by, Kristel Gil Fri 29 Apr
Professional Footballer Michael Olise
Professional Footballer Michael Olise

Michael Olise Footballer Reviews

The current season has not been great in the Premier League for Crystal Palace. They have not met their fans' expectations about their position at the table. Indeed, they are struggling in the middle of the scoreboard. However, the team trained by the great Patrick Vieira has a lot to be happy about. And that joy has a first and last name: Michael Olise. But, who is Michael Olise? Well, for Crystal Palace, it's practically a dream come true. Olise was born in England, and although he has French nationality. Likewise, he can play for the national teams of Algeria and Nigeria. This characteristic is quite a novelty in this World Cup year.

Michael Olise is barely 20 years old and already a player that is talked about worldwide. His performance with Palace has been incredible, playing different positions, such as winger and attacking midfielder. Olise arrived at Palace last year from Reading, and in just one season, he has caught the attention of relevant clubs. Not only big Premier League teams are already trying to sign him, such as Chelsea and Arsenal. But, also international clubs like Bayern Munich have placed their attention on them. Olise has surprised everyone, including Viera. The French coach has been very cautious and has done his best to guide the young star without forcing him. Besides, Olise's achievements have had their highs and lows during this season; mostly coming from the bench, his performance draws a lot of attention.

At the closing of this note, Olise had only started 12 of 24 matches, scoring four goals. No minute on the field hasn't been used by Michael in a better way than when he comes to the pitch as a substitute player. He is one of the Palace leaders in this regard. He is a young player in full training who still has a long way to go and to train. However, Michael Olise is destined to become a crack.

Control And intelligence: The Key Attributes Of Michael Olise

If we talk about Olise's style of play, it is easy to understand why he has become one of the most in-demand players in all European football. Given his versatility, which despite being left-footed, allows him to play as a winger on the right or left flank and then find a good attacking position. Likewise, Olise also can move well on the ball. He has an excellent dribble and can initiate sprints with the ball while maintaining control until making effective medium and long passes.

Olise is an attacking player who knows how to create offensive plays by driving his teammates. Besides, he has an admirable ability to stop and change the match pace as needed despite his age and inexperience. He can score goals and generate assists, and his game is clean, not forced, or violent. The excellent football shown by Olise has become the big news that Palace has had this year. But, the best news of all will undoubtedly be the amount for which they sell him to a big team in the next transfer market. Therefore, Michael Olise is a name we will be hearing for a long time.

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