Bundesliga 2021/22 Betting Trends

Bundesliga 2021/22 Season Betting Trends
Written by, Jacob Cook Sun 22 May
Bundesliga 2021/22 Season Betting Trends
Bundesliga 2021/22 Season Betting Trends

Bundesliga 2021/22 Betting Trends

The 2021/22 season of the Bundesliga has shown in this first half the traditional dominance of Bayern Munich. The big German club seeks to repeat their last year's championship, and the team has deployed all its weapons to try to achieve it. Mainly, they base their aspirations on their formidable offense. Indeed, they have scored an impressive 52 goals, the best in the league. The only team that has fought hard enough to be close to Bayern's 40 points is Borussia Dortmund, with 34. But, from the third place occupied by Leverkusen (28 points) to FC Union Berlin's eighth place (24 points), the slight difference is 4 points. This happened after 144 (47%) matches were played out of the 306 regular season matches.

Here we bring you relevant data for your bets on the German football top-flight. So, as a bettor, you will clearly understand the trends that characterize the Bundesliga this season. In this sense, the teams that play at home have won 49% of the matches. Also, just 27% of wins were for visiting teams, which almost equals 24% of draw matches. Likewise, 454 goals have been scored, and the average number of goals per match is 3.15 (46% in the First Half and 54% in the second). Usually, we can see many goals in the German Bundesliga. So, this season 85% of the matches have had Over 1.5 goals, 59% Over 2.5, and 40% Over 3.5 goals, which are notable stats. Besides, an excellent option to bet is the BTS since both teams scored in 61% of the matches.

However, the percentage of clean sheets is also very good at 44%. As you all know, with the second half of the season, the teams' intention takes on more vigor. The teams in the middle of the standings strive to get closer to the venues that offer international competition options. Thus, we recommend focusing your attention on Freiburg, which is currently in fifth place. But, they are only two points away from third place and only one from the fourth spot and this place would give them a ticket to the Champions League.

This team has lowered its level in recent games; however, it still has 10 matches to play at home. Interestingly, unlike the league statistics, Freiburg has scored 69% of goals in the first half of each match. Regarding the distribution of goals, 21.6% of all goals have been scored between minutes 76-90. Also, 17.8% of them occurred between the minutes 35-45, which is at the end of each half. In addition, 21 matches finished 1-1; this is the most frequent score with 15%.

But, if you want to bet on the winner of the Bundesliga, only some unusual setback will prevent Bayern Munich from winning the championship. Of the 18 remaining matches, Bayern will play 9 at home and 9 away, which does not represent something transcendental since the team has played equally well in both cases. And they are guaranteed that their great attacker Robert Lewandowski is even better when he plays away, and he has scored 7 goals at home and 11 away.

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