End Of The Cristiano-Messi Era

Is This The End Of The Cristiano-Messi Era?
Written by, Oscar Holt Fri 27 May
Is This The End Of The Cristiano-Messi Era?
Is This The End Of The Cristiano-Messi Era?

End Of The Cristiano-Messi Era

In football, just like in everyday life, cycles are part of every experience. Only that sometimes we have to live in a certain historical moment that the presence of great footballers defines. Thanks to their formidable talent, these players turn their teams into colossi that define a time, an era. But, everything comes to an end, and we are currently witnessing the case of two superstars: Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. They have been the two biggest names in world football for the last decade. Like others, football is a changing sport. It is in constant evolution, so now and then, a litter of young players jumps in and wins world attention. Thus, they become the leaders of their teams for a short or long time. In the case of Ronaldo and Messi, these two players monopolized football for many years. They led the Spanish first division, La Liga, to enjoy the spotlight of all fans, media, and world football experts.

But, times have changed. So, this season, which many anticipated would again be dominated by Cristiano (now with Manchester United) and Lionel Messi (playing for PSG), was a disgrace. We had witnessed what points to the possible end of the era when these two great players were at the top of their game. Indeed, there was no other player who could match their excellence. This season, the expectation was not only unfulfilled but dramatically destroyed.

Two Fierce Cases But Equally Unsuccessful

Leo Messi's worst year ever. We should call the current season of Messi in French Ligue 1. Paris Saint-Germain armed themselves with the best players available on the transfer market, including the Argentine star. He came to Paris eager to continue his fantastic career that becomes the best player in the world. He was expected to match the feats achieved with Barcelona. However, while this season has been good for PSG –at least in League 1- Messi has had little or nothing to do with his team's success.

PSG was once again crowned Ligue 1 champions, just a month before the end of the season, with a 13-point difference over Marseille, their closest rival. It was a trouble-free season under the leadership of their young star and top scorer in the league, Kylian Mbappé (22 goals and 14 assists). Finally, the team won the championship. But, there is a very bitter taste since fans and media expected much from Lionel Messi. Yet, he never found himself comfortable with a young, strong team. Unlike Barcelona, this is a team that does not focus its game on the Argentine star.

Messi gave 13 assists but only scored 4 goals. These are his lowest figures since the 2005-2006 season (his second with Barcelona, when he scored 6 goals). But the worrying thing is that Messi was just another player, overshadowed by all the young talents at PSG. He was never the leader, and he never shone. Besides, he never showed the monetary value that he is supposed to still have.

Ronaldo Scored Goals But This Was Insignificant For MU

After Cristiano Ronaldo's stay at Juventus, he was focused on shining again on his return to Manchester United, and the situation was similar. Although Cristiano scored 17 goals, he was never the leader United desperately needed. Now, the team is struggling to qualify for the Champions League. The problem is that Cristiano Ronaldo's 17 goals say nothing. He was expected to be the engine that would generate the necessary football for the team to return to its glorious path. But, this did not happen. The future for both is uncertain, so the upcoming season will determine if the era has ended or was just a bump in the road for both stars.

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