Poker Gambling In Metaverse

Poker: Where Metaverse And Gambling Joints
Written by, Jacob Cook Sat 04 Jun
Poker: Where Metaverse And Gambling Joints
Poker: Where Metaverse And Gambling Joints

Poker Gambling In Metaverse

Everyone is talking about the Metaverse. But, people do not refer to this advance as a technological option for the future. Otherwise, it is a great novelty we find ourselves in the present. Thousands of fans of technology, money, and games are entering virtual reality digital platforms that offer to join the Metaverse. One of the most relevant is Decentraland. This platform works as a virtual world where you can find everything and where the principles of negotiation are new. As a result, you must be well aware of how it operates. So before you get into poker betting in the Metaverse, we suggest you educate yourself and do as much research as you can on all things related to blockchain, NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), and what the Metaverse means. As it is logical to assume, if you can find everything in this virtual world, there is also room for bets, games, and everything that has to do with making money. But in the case of betting here, they do not work the same as in online casinos. However, there is a game attracting many bettors and new players: poker. We repeat it. Forget the type of gambling game available in digital casinos, even physical ones. Now, you are in the Metaverse, and the rules here are different. 

Poker Revolutionizes The Metaverse

We all know that poker is the most popular card game globally. Although it has many variants, it is the most popular game and the one that attracts people who don't even know how to play it. Until now, poker, or specifically "Ice Poker," has been the game that has driven the world of gambling in the Decentraland Metaverse, with thousands of users playing simultaneously. But what happens there? How is poker played in the Metaverse?

Poker & NFT

There are several steps to follow at Decentraland to play Ice Poker or even to be able to take a seat at one of the tables. First, you must have a crypto wallet and then purchase some NFTs and pay them with the Ethereum cryptocurrency. These NFTs can be clothing or accessories for the avatar character you will be wearing (a hat, sunglasses, etc.). The price of each NFT can vary from a minimum of $7,500 and up. Then, you can walk around the poker room and take a seat at a table. The game is very real. So, you can distinguish the experienced players and even read the so-called "poker face" of the players. And NFTs can form part of the total number of bets.

The card game is standard poker, but it's played in a radically different setting than you're used to. Although with a little practice and knowledge of NFTs, the process becomes easier until it is fun. It is a new door that opens to the world of gambling and betting. This world goes hand in hand with technology and leads us to inhabit a Metaverse in which we can be whoever we want to be. And like any new process, all that is required is patience, practice, study, and a good bankroll ready to be converted into NFTs and cryptos.

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