Premier League 2018-2019 Top 4 Clubs Prediction
Written by, Asher K Thu 27 Dec
Premier League 2018-2019 Top 4 Clubs Prediction
Premier League 2018-2019 Top 4 Clubs Prediction


The Article was last updated on 29th of March 2019.

The Champions League is a big deal, the best teams from various footballing nations competing to be the best in Europe.

The English Premier League is well underway, and just as anticipated, the race to the top is just as exciting as ever.

Apart from battling it out for the title, every club's priority is to accumulate as many points as possible, and hopefully end up in one of the top four positions.

With only a few matches left, teams are most likely to snag those much-coveted spots, and qualify for the Champions League next season?

Here are the top tipster predictions for the English Premier League top 4 clubs:

Manchester City

Will the defending champions be able to retain their title? The last time a team was able to pull this off was back in the 2008 -2009 season when Manchester United managed to beat Liverpool, who followed close behind.

Based on their current form, many believe so, making them a top pick this season. With a more than efficient managerial strategy under Pep Guardiola, and quite a few leagues wins under their belt, the team is expected to have yet another good goal scoring season this Premier League.

With new additions, like Riyad Mahrez bringing in the fluidity they need, clubbed with David Silva’s and Sergio Aguero’s stability, there is a good chance that Man City will end up in the top four, and maybe even take the title.

They've had an amazing run so far, staying at the top of the table almost all the time. They did, however, at one point show some vulnerability. Agüero is on quite the roll, and currently has the most number of goals under his belt. If he keeps this up, City will have no problems staying where they are.

Manchester City in premier league blog image


Currently, at the top of the leaderboard, Liverpool is also a popular pick this season, and one of the top contenders to snatch the title from Manchester City.

With likes of Allison, arguably one of the best goalkeepers in the game right now, as well as Naby Keita, Xherdan Shaqiri and midfielder Fabinho, The Reds have a very good chance at finishing in the top four and going on the play the Champions League.

Plus they have Mohamed Salah, last season's top goal scorer by their side, and he's been doing pretty good for himself this time around as well.

They won their first couple of games with ease, making it one of their best openings in a long time, and are comfortably sitting at number one, for the moment at least. They've only lost one match so far, but Man City is hot at their tails.


The Blues seem to be flourishing under their new manager, Maurizio Sarri. Due to their rocky season under Conte, Chelsea weren’t the favorites to win this Premier League.

But now, after the perfect start to this season, several fans firmly believe that they could finish above both Liverpool and Manchester City. Eden Hazard, their winger, was confident that they could win the league. This win seems a little less likely now.

After an absolutely flawless start to the season, after having won multiple games in a row just bloke Liverpool and Manchester City, their form dropped a bit and sent them a few spots down the table.

At one point, it seemed as though they had a fighting chance to finish on top of the league. Now, given the current circumstances, their win seems unreachable at the moment. But the third and fourth spots are wide open and ready for the taking.

They're going to have to fight it out with some very strong opponents though. Tottenham, Manchester United and even Arsenal will certainly be able to push Chelsea out of the running for the top 4.

Hazard, along with Giroud, Pedro and Marcos Alonso, are all at the top of their form. These big names would, however, definitely pose a threat to the other teams on the table.


Regardless of not having made any investments this summer, the Spurs still have a high chance of finishing in one of the top four positions this Premier League season.

Despite having a slightly less successful opening run when compared to Liverpool or Chelsea, surprisingly losing to Watford after three consecutive victories, Tottenham turned it around.

With a team of strong, talented, high-class players at their disposal, they managed to redeem themselves despite this minor setback.

Tottenham may not have as much of a chance to win the Premier League as Manchester City or Liverpool, but they'll make top four.

They've been fairly consistent throughout the season, comfortably maintaining the third spot on the table most of the time.

But they do have some of their most difficult fixtures coming up, and things have been a little shaky for the Spurs at the moment.

They will have to work hard to maintain their spot, but most pundits believe that they will end up in third or fourth place. SportsPrediction premium soccer tips is one way to understand where to put your bets.

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