Real Madrid In 2022-23 La Liga Season

Real Madrid Will Face a Difficult 2022-23 Season
Written by, Kristel Gil Sun 31 Jul
Real Madrid Will Face a Difficult 2022-23 Season
Real Madrid Will Face a Difficult 2022-23 Season

Real Madrid In 2022-23 La Liga Season

Real Madrid had a dream season during 2021-22. They won La Liga championship! But, not only did they win. They did it demonstrating all the skills of the great team they are and the good moments they are going through. They won 26 matches and scored 80 goals, which was more than any other team. Besides, they left their arch-rival Barcelona, relegated to second place, far behind Madrid. The team, Carlo Ancelotti coaches, closed a great year by winning the Champions League. So, they returned to the old glories to which they had accustomed us for so many years. Once again, Karim Benzema stood up for the team and was the leading scorer in La Liga with 27 goals. Also, he made a great offensive team with Vinicius Júnior (17 goals). In summary, it was a great season. However, some players were unable to meet expectations, such as Gareth Bale. The Welsh attacker fell short a while ago and has not been able to fill the shoes of what it means to be a Madrid player. Although last season was a celebration, it is time to focus on the next season. The new campaign will be long and full of challenges for a Real Madrid that seeks to strengthen itself through new signings. Likewise, we will see the departure of players who would not contribute significantly to the team.

Next season will present Madrid with a series of challenges that threaten the team's ability to repeat last season's triumphs. What are these challenges? They are several and critical. Everything starts with the players who will no longer be with Madrid and what the club can achieve in the difficult transfer market. The complex situation Madrid went through trying to sign Mbappe is well known. Finally, the talented French player decided to stay in Paris. The good news is that the team has already managed to sign one of the players they most wanted, Antonio Rüdiger. The German defender from Chelsea comes to fill the void left by Marcelo, who, after many years, leaves Madrid. Also, there is the situation of Gareth Bale, who will leave Madrid after the team has been trying to sell him. Bale is the highest-paid player on the team and has been a fiasco for Madrid. Then, there is the whole issue of tournament schedules, in a year in which the World Cup will also be played.

In August, Madrid will play the European Super Cup, as well as the start of the new La Liga season. Then, in September, the Champions League begins. In November, the World Cup will be the cause for the clubs to be left without their best players until the tournament ends on December 18. And in 2023, Real Madrid will play the Spanish Super Cup. Yes, indeed, many tournaments will affect the players' performance. On average, Real Madrid players will have to participate in about 70 matches between La Liga and the rest of the cups and tournaments, which is a high number. The team is doing everything to show that last year's achievements were not a coincidence, and they must demonstrate we are witnessing the rebirth of Real Madrid.

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