How Sportsprediction Verifying Its Tipster Betting Predictions?

Understand How Sportsprediction Verifying Its Tipster Betting Predictions
Written by, Jacob Cook Wed 05 Oct
Understand How Sportsprediction Verifying Its Tipster Betting Predictions
Understand How Sportsprediction Verifying Its Tipster Betting Predictions

How Sportsprediction Verifying Its Tipster Betting Predictions?

Tipsters are specialists that compile important betting predictions and statistics in the form of tipster betting predictions. Tipsters can specialize in specific betting markets (such as handicap or Acca), specific leagues (EPL or La Liga), specific countries or regions (the UK or China), or specific teams (Chelsea or Real Madrid). Tipsters help punters by doing the heavy lifting such as research, analysis, statistics, and making predictions so punters can focus on making wagers and save on time, energy, and effort. Tipsters are essential in helping punters make more profitable and consistent wagers in the long run. Punters need to trust a tip when taking information from a tipster to utilize in a bet. Without trust, it’s tough for them to rely on a tipster and for a tipster to build a relationship with them. Since trust goes both ways, punters can access critical tipster information, performance metrics, and verification processes. It helps a punter build trust with different types and levels of tipsters and between the punter and a particular tipping service such as SportsPrediction.

How Does SportsPrediction Verify Its Tipsters?

Tipster verification is one of the essential roles in selecting or recruiting a reliable and consistent tipster. Some of the ways SportsPrediction verified its tipsters include access to previous predictions, unalterable records, access to critical metrics listed on the platform, a rigorous onboarding/listing process, and benchmarking of essential metrics.

Access To Previous Predictions

Access to past predictions on SportsPredictions helps punters gauge tipsters’ past performance and tips. Punters can form an opinion on a tipster based on their actual performance, similar to how investors select a fund manager to manage their investments in the stock market. Looking at past predictions gives a punter a better idea of whether the tipster suits the punter’s betting needs.

Unalterable Records

Punters can always access tipsters’ records, including past predictions, tipster information, and statistics. Such documents are usually unalterable and cannot be changed or altered to deceive a punter. If they modify such records to deceive a punter, such services could shut down. SportsPrediction utilizes a history of past statistics that cannot be changed and always reflects actual events.

Key Metrics Listed On The Platform

Key metrics help punters gauge the accuracy and potential performance of a particular tipster or tipping service. Punters access a meta-view of how all tipsters on a platform perform, the total predictions made, the total number of tipsters, the average number of tips every week, fundamental betting markets, total revenue, total profit, and other metrics. These metrics help punters understand how the platform works and the quality of tipsters and tips on the forum. Punters can also access individual tipster metrics such as past predictions, accuracy, hit rates, betting markets, profitability, losses, etc. Individual tipster metrics help punters compare different tipsters before selecting the best tip or tipster.

Rigorous Onboarding/Listing Process

Tipsters have a rigorous onboarding or listing process depending on the tipping service. Most reliable and legitimate tipping services have a thorough onboarding and listing process to ensure the best tipsters on their platform. Apart from going through background checks and professional history, tipsters should complete probation. Probation helps tipping services and tipsters understand if they’re a good fit for each other before making further commitments. Moreover, tipping services want bettors to succeed using their particular service. Tipping services have incentives to connect punters to the best tipsters and tips because the success of their service depends on it.


No tipster can have a 100% hit or accuracy rate because it’s almost impossible for any punter to predict multiple betting outcomes correctly. However, creating benchmarks for acceptable levels of accuracy helps establish and categorize the best tipsters from the average. Based on the performance, experience, and types of tips, they classify tipsters into junior tipsters (lowest hit rates), senior tipsters (medium hit rates), premium tipsters (high hit rate), and bundle tipsters (highest hit rates). Benchmarks help punters compare the performance of different tipsters to quantifiable metrics. For example, some of the best-performing tipsters have hit rates above 80% during good runs.


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