Deciphering The Asian Handicap Market

Understanding The Asian Handicap Market
Written by, Kristel Gil Thu 21 Sep
Understanding The Asian Handicap Market
Understanding The Asian Handicap Market

Deciphering The Asian Handicap Market

Suppose you are engaged in betting but don’t find betting on the winner or over/under amusing. There is something called Asian handicap which will surely bring you enjoyment as it’s something that not many players bet on because of its complicity. Asian handicapping can make any boring game heavily favored to one side competitive and thrilling to watch. And if you never heard of Asian handicapping (also known as AH), you don’t have to worry a bit; we are here to explain everything there is to explain.

What Is Asian Handicap And How Does It Work?

The most significant difference between Asian handicapping and other types of bets is that Asian handicap removes the possibility of a draw occurring in the match. Also, Asian handicap gives an advantage to an underdog or takes away a gift of a favorite. It provides us with balanced odds between the two teams. This system is excellent if you want to bet on a game you are sure one team will win, and you don’t want to bet on them. Bookmakers make Asian handicaps; they make a line where both teams are equal in odds, so it’s on you as a bettor to choose which side you want to bet on.

Different Types Of Asian Handicaps

There is more than one type of betting in Asian handicaps, well, two main, to be exact. There are a few more, but those are very rare or region limited, so we aren’t going to cover them. Here are the two most important types:

Handicap Half Lines (0.5/1.5)

Half lines are +/-0.5,1.5, 2.5, and such. These usually refer to goals; for example, you bet on +0.5 on a home team. In the other model, you win the bet if it’s a draw or an away team win. You bet on +1.5, one team starts with 1.5 goal lead, and you would lose if that team loses by more than two goals.

Handicap Quarter Lines (0.25/0.75)

Quarter lines are entirely different from complete lines and half lines. First of all, the values end in 0.25 or 0.75. The most significant advantage of quarter lines over other types of lines is that they have greater odds. If you bet 0.25 on the team, plus or a minus, you would win if your team wins and you put +0.25 and vice versa. And if the game ends in a draw, you would get half the stake back.

Benefits Of Asian Handicap

Every single person that is betting has one goal, and that’s to make a profit from it. That’s where Asian handicapping comes in handy. With AH, you can bet on the underdog and have the same odds as you have on the other team because AH gives an advantage to the underdog. Also, Asian handicap favors you instead of the bookies. Because of that, you are far more likely to win a bet and make money from betting. Asian handicap also eliminates draws and has higher odds which means more excitement while watching the game and more significant payouts in case of a win.

Closing Thoughts

If you came this far into the article, we are sure that you now possess a basic level of understanding of Asian handicap betting. But, be sure to start with low bets as Asian handicapping is complex, and it could take a little time to understand everything fully. And when you do understand it clearly, you have a real shot at making some excellent profits.


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