Alternative To Asian Handicap In Soccer Betting

The Alternative Asian Handicap In Soccer Betting
Written by, Kristel Gil Fri 24 Mar
The Alternative Asian Handicap In Soccer Betting
The Alternative Asian Handicap In Soccer Betting

Alternative To Asian Handicap In Soccer Betting

In soccer betting, one of the first things that punters learn is that a match can only end in a win, loss, or draw. While these three options might be more than satisfactory for beginners, you may quickly find that you need something more down the road. It is where betting markets like the alternative Asian handicap become very useful. Naturally, you can’t put this resource to good use if you don’t know what it entails. So, we’ll be covering all of that and more now.

Alternative Asian Handicap Betting Market – All You Need To Know

The alternative Asian handicap is a betting market that helps punters selectively eliminate the draw option. It offers favorable odds and can significantly increase the excitement of betting on an event.

What Exactly Is Alternative Asian Handicap Betting?

Alternative Asian handicap betting is a betting market that refunds bettors if the side they pick to win an event does win the actual match but ends up tying because of the handicap goal initially awarded.

The Alternative Asian Handicap At Work

Here’s a classic example of an alternative Asian handicap in action. Let’s assume that Real Madrid will meet Elche CF in an upcoming event. The former is the designated favorite, while the latter are the underdogs. Now, Bookie A might opt to give Elche CF a 3-0 handicap advantage. If you place a handicap wager on Real Madrid to win that event, and they do with a scoreline like 2-0 or 1-0, you’ve lost your wager. The bookie will record those outcomes as 2-3 or 1-3, respectively. However, if the scoreline ends 3-0 in favor of Real Madrid, you’ll get your wager back because it would be a “draw.” And that’s arguably the biggest perk of using this betting market.

How To Use Alternative Handicap Betting Like An Expert

To use this betting market to the best effect, some of the best tips you can follow include:

Keep Up With All Team News And Updates

Depending on the role and relevance of the player, an injury or suspension can change the perceived outcome of a game significantly. You can only prepare for this correctly if you keep up with the team news and updates.

Evaluate The Current Form Of Both Teams

Intuition is excellent, but it mightn’t get you as far as you’d like here. You need concrete data to guide your opinion on what performance to expect from both sides on D-day. Thankfully, you can source this information from several legit and reliable platforms.

Search For The Best Odds

When you finally have all the data you need to place an informed wager, you shouldn’t just take that action with the first sportsbook you see. Instead, take time to explore. You’re more likely to find the best odds this way and get more value for your wager.


Alternative Asian handicap has a lot of potentials. It gives you more versatility compared to many other betting markets. The most important thing is to understand how it works thoroughly before jumping in.

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