Types Of Sports Betting Markets

Different Types Of Sports Betting Markets
Written by, Jake Woodward Tue 20 Dec
Different Types Of Sports Betting Markets
Different Types Of Sports Betting Markets

Types Of Sports Betting Markets

The beauty of sports betting is that punters can take advantage of the various markets to make staggering wins. However, if you don’t know what these sports betting markets are or how they operate, you’re likely to have a hard time using them to the fullest.
Considering this, SportsPrediction has highlighted some of the most popular betting markets you can take advantage of now!

One – The Asian Handicap Betting Market

Arguably one of the lowest-risk and most profitable spaces where you can place wagers, the Asian Handicap betting market is a step up from conventional handicap betting. It is because, in addition to helping you award virtual goal advantages and enhance the chances of your wager coming through, it also offers you money-back protection if the game ends in a draw.

Two – Fixed Odds Betting Market

Also known as “Matched Odds Betting,” this sports betting market is straightforward. It is because all you have to do here is place a wager on fixed losses or returns. What this means is that if you were to find an online sportsbook offering set odds of 4.0 on a game and you wager $300, you’ll get $1 200 back should you win your bet.

Three – The Over/Under Betting Market

Here, all you have to do is place a wager that the total number of goals coming out of a particular match falls within a certain ballpark. With this betting market, there’s no need to get too specific. As such, the chances of your winning are pretty high. So if, for instance, you think that a match between Manchester City and Newcastle United will not yield more than two goals, you can place an “Under 2.5” wager on that game. But if you think it’ll be a goal-heavy matchup, you can bet “Over 2.5” or “Over 3.5.” It’s as simple as that.

Four – Sure Bets Betting Market

Pro bettors usually leverage this strategy when betting on a game with closely similar odds. It’s particularly favored because it’s an efficient way of ensuring you profit, no matter the match’s outcome. Let’s say that Tennis Player Y and Tennis Player Z are meeting in a match, with the odds of either player winning being 2.15 and 1.95, respectively. All you have to do to ensure you come out on top, no matter what, is wager $47.56 on the first player and $1.95 on the second player!

Five – Live Betting Market

Most betting systems require that you place your wagers before the match starts. With live betting, the action begins AFTER blowing the whistle. The match’s odds will fluctuate in response to the prevailing stats of the game, allowing punters to win even more!


With so many betting markets, you should decide which one to start with. However, you can leverage the resources provided at SportsPrediction to make the best decisions for you.

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