Soccer Betting Types

[Infographics] Soccer Betting Types
Written by, Kristel Gil Sat 25 May
[Infographics] Soccer Betting Types
[Infographics] Soccer Betting Types

Soccer Betting Types

Have you ever thought of trying your luck in Soccer Betting? According to a survey, it has been figured out there are approximately 3 billion soccer fans worldwide.

Well, gaining an edge in soccer betting is not everyone’s cup of tea. This needs knowledge and hands-on-experience to win soccer bets. But, before you try hands-on let’s get acquainted with the popular soccer betting types.

This infographic is designed to give you a glimpse of different types of soccer betting, take at this soccer betting guide:

Money Line

This type of soccer betting involves odds on three different outcomes: Win, Lose, Draw.  To bet on soccer money lines, one must be aware of the sportsbook’s rule on wagers.  


Here, the bettors guess a total number of goals over and under the set total. Even a wrong judgment can make you win.  Sounds interesting? Yes, you heard right. This type offers a great value on over and under wagers.

Point Spread

This single games soccer betting is more user-friendly and easy to understand as this is based on creating a ‘level playing field’ for favorites and underdogs. Here, punters bet on teams based on some goals made.  


In this type two or more different sides and wins are selected by the bettor. The win is assured only if selected side wins. Due to multiple games involved, the payout is much greater.  


Betting in this type is based on the entire competition and season. In general, this is placed before the beginning of the league.

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap soccer betting is Asia’s most popular betting type in which the possibility of a draw is eliminated. The bet is placed on the final results of the match and handicaps are given to the teams before the game begins.

In-Play Soccer

Here, no bet is placed in advance, whereas the bets are placed on soccer games when the game is being played.


Betting on leagues and events is done within the game itself rather than on the results of the game. Ending up being right can help punters get exciting cash prices.

Check out our complete guide below and learn about the soccer betting types.

soccer betting types

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