Which Is Better? Premier League or La Liga

Premier League Or La Liga, Which Is The Better League?
Written by, Jake Woodward Thu 13 Jun
Premier League Or La Liga, Which Is The Better League?
Premier League Or La Liga, Which Is The Better League?

Which Is Better? Premier League or La Liga

The Premier League and the La Liga, two of Europe’s most popular sporting competitions, both filled to the brim with top quality skill and talent. But which League is better? This question has been one of the most contested debates in football history. Both of them have legions of passionate, die-hard fans who would ardently claim that their’s trumps the other and are willing to wager the same.


When it comes to the competition, the Premier League has a more evenly distributed playing field when compared to the La Liga. The outcome of games is harder to predict. Sure, there are a couple of teams that are better than others, but the clubs are more evenly matched.

In La Liga, there a few teams dominate the entire competition. Over the last few years, Real Madrid and Barcelona have overshadowed the competition. Over the last few years, the title has pretty much been shared between the two, with a few teams, like Atletico Madrid, occasionally winning the title. The La Liga has a few exciting matches - El Clasico for example, but the Premier League is home to a lot more thrilling fixtures, due to how evenly matched the teams are.


Both leagues are home to some fantastic talent, some of the best in the world. The La Liga is home to the likes of Lionel Messi, Luka Modri? and Antoine Griezmann, but the Premier League has Sergio Agüero, Mohamed Salah, and Harry Kane. It's hard to judge which one is the better league based on the talent, but if you consider international competitions, La Liga teams have been more successful. Spanish Clubs have won the most Champions League titles, 17 in all, and the most Europa League titles as well.


When it comes to the most expensive clubs, the Premier League comes out on top. The English teams took up ten spots out of 20 in Deloitte's Football Money League, an annual research paper that tracks the revenue and estimates the worth of Europe's top clubs. They dominated Forbes's list of the most valuable football clubs of 2018, with eight entries in the top 20.

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