Four Interesting Facts About Football

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Football?
Written by, Asher K Wed 28 Aug
What Are Some Interesting Facts About Football?
What Are Some Interesting Facts About Football?

Four Interesting Facts About Football

When you delve into a sport, you tend to want to know more about where it came from; it's origins, people who changed the game, etc. Here are some interesting facts about the world’s most popular sport in the world that you can share with your friends the next time you're watching a match.


Football traces its origins to China.

Most would associate the origins of football to England, but the British only deserve credit for the modern conception of the game. The origins of football are unclear, but it is speculated that it, or at least a rudimentary form of it, was played in Ancient China, during the Han Dynasty. The game was called Cuju, and it involved kicking a ball made of leather stuffed with feathers through an opening. The ancient Romans also played a form of football using an inflated pig’s bladder. They were credited with bringing the game to English soil, where it slowly transformed itself into the sport we love and know today.

A group of cricketers bonded together to form Aston Villa FC

Cricket may not be as popular as football. If it weren't for a group of cricket players, the members of the Villa Cross Wesleyan Chapel back in the 1870s, we wouldn't have cricket as it is today. Cricket players like Jack Hughes, Frederick Matthews, Walter Price, and William Scattergood were looking for ways to pass the winter. From that intention, the Aston Villa FC was born.

An entire football team was once killed by lightning

A bolt of lightning once destroyed all 11 players of a football team in Congo in 1998. A match was being held between local teams, Bena Tshadi and Basanga, when out of nowhere, a freak blast of lightning wiped out the entire Bena Tshadi team. Local newspapers reported that they were all aged between 20 and 35 years. To make things even more unusual, all the members of Basanga, the home team, reportedly emerged utterly unscathed. Rumors started to spread that witchcraft, and black magic was used to kill the players.

The youngest professional football player in the world is a toddler

Bryce Brites can barely even say the word “football,” but that didn’t stop the Belgian club, FC Racing Boxberg, from offering the toddler a professional contract. Brites was just 20 months at the time, and as enlisted to play in the clubs under five squad. Baby Bryce’s football skills are reportedly far beyond anyone his age. His coach claims he has excellent ball control and dribbling skills, and he wasn't allowed to play with boys his age, due to how advanced he was for his period.


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