How to attain 80-90% success in soccer betting?

How to attain 80-90% success in soccer betting?
Written by, Nandeesh Pandey Sat 02 Nov
How to attain 80-90% success in soccer betting?
How to attain 80-90% success in soccer betting?

To make things worst, rookies make the mistake of expecting to win every time they place a bet. Is that wise? Let’s find out.


What is an Attainable Success Rate?

Every football punter craves a high success rate. Their common goal is to work their magic at all times and achieve optimum success.

However, it is not possible to maintain an 80-90% success rate, no matter what market you choose. You can win five matches in a row, but the sixth loss wipes out all the success. The Asian handicap market offers a steady success rate of 55%, but the odds may not always be in your favor.

Here are some suggestions that may help you make accurate decisions and make the most out of the gambling experience.


4 Tips to Lead You to Wealth

  1. Keep your head in the game.

Like the players on the field, you must also tackle situations. The golden rule of gambling, in general, is to know when to back out. This also applies to betting on soccer.

When you start losing bets, it becomes tempting to make rushed decisions. This drives the punters to place more chances than they can afford to lose. However, this only results in more significant losses and is a common mistake amateur bettor make.


  1. Avail bonus offers.

The betting industry grows every day. And with this growth, the multiple online bookmakers offer promotional offers to lure the speculators.

Besides the obvious “welcome bonus” various promotions around events bring even better deals. At times, the enhanced odds give you a good chance of winning.

Once you join a bookmaker, they ensure you stay too. With daily promotions and deals around significant events such as the start of a new Premier League season or the World Cup. Many offers provide value with minimal risk, so keep your eyes open for any such offers.

  1. Research, Research, and Research.

Betting based on instinct may win you a few bets but in the long run, digs a big hole in your pocket. Before placing any wager, research and find out about the teams and the form of its players. Keep in mind the substitutions and if any key player has been benched.

Recreational gamblers may find satisfaction even with one or two wins but for a professional each win matters. Thorough research is what draws a line between a professional and an amateur.

  1. Explore the options.

The number of online bookmakers only grows every passing day. Use this as an advantage and compare different websites rather than settling for the first one you stumble upon. The first-time bonus is only one part of it. With the plethora of bookies online, staying dedicated to a single bookmaker seems impractical. To maximize your winnings, exploring different options is the best way. The odds change from one website to another, pick one that offers the most overwhelming odds with the least amount of risk.

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