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Author Filter : Nandeesh Pandey
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Written by, Nandeesh Pandey Tue 28 Jun
These Are Some Of The Great Players You Won't See at Qatar 2022

Many of the best players in the world will not be present in Qatar 2022, and it will undoubtedly be a shame for all football fans.

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Written by, Nandeesh Pandey Mon 25 Oct
What Happened So Far In UEFA Champions League 2020/21

UEFA Champions League did everything possible to start and run the 2020/21 season as generally as possible.

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Written by, Nandeesh Pandey Mon 02 Dec
How to make a profit by betting on sports online?

Sports gambling is believed to be risky form of earning a significant amount of money but correspondingly one of the most excellent ways to earn huge money in a small amount of time if done sensibly.

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Written by, Nandeesh Pandey Wed 27 Nov
Soccer Prediction | 2019-2020 EFL League One Predictions

Are you a fan of EFL League One? In this episode from the Soccer Prediction video series we will share the top 4 predictions on EFL League One season 2019/2020.

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Written by, Nandeesh Pandey Sat 02 Nov
How to attain 80-90% success in soccer betting?

Despite its popularity, betting on sports, especially soccer, has massive drawbacks. The success rates are rather low, and the odds are always against you.

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