Lucky 15 Bet

How To Win With A Lucky 15 Bet
Written by, Kristel Gil Tue 09 Mar
How To Win With A Lucky 15 Bet
How To Win With A Lucky 15 Bet

Lucky 15 Bet

Sportsbooks offer a wide variety of betting options. To be a winning bettor, you must take advantage all of them, including combination and system bets. Among these are the interesting Lucky 15 bets.

What Is A Lucky 15 bet?

A Lucky 15 is a multiple bet based on the combination of four single bets. These four picks are combined for a total of 15 bets. The bets placed are:

  • 4 Simple Bets
  • 6 Double Bets
  • 4 Triple Bets

A Quadruple Bet, which combines the 4 simple bets. We make a total of 15 bets from four selections that cover all possible combinations among them.

The advantages of a Lucky 15 bet are:

  • We will receive money with at least one hit.
  • Covers all possible outcomes by combining the four chosen outcomes.
  • As more hits, the winnings rise exponentially.
  • If we have four hits, we'll get 15 winning bets.
  • With 3 hits, we will have 7 winning bets.
  • Two hits mean 3 winning bets.
  • It is useful for taking advantage of the bonuses offered by the bookies in combination bets.

Disadvantages of a Lucky 15 bet:

  • It can be expensive if we bet a high amount on each simple bet. Remember that this amount will be multiplied by fifteen.
  • The winnings will be lower if any of the bets fail. So, you must carefully select each of the four simple bets.
  • Often difficult for novice bettors.

How To Place A Lucky 15 Bet

Let's see a Lucky 15 bet example. We will choose the teams' victories: Arsenal, Manchester United, Everton, and Chelsea in four different imaginary matches. The bets would be:

  • Simple bet 1: Arsenal victory.
  • Simple bet 2: Manchester United win.
  • Simple bet 3: win for Everton.
  • Simple bet 4: Chelsea victory.


  • Double bet: Arsenal + Manchester United.
  • Double bet: Arsenal + Everton.
  • Double bet: Arsenal + Chelsea.
  • Double bet: Manchester United + Everton.
  • Double bet: Manchester United + Chelsea.
  • Double bet: Everton + Chelsea.


  • Triple bet: Arsenal + Manchester United + Everton.
  • Triple bet: Arsenal + Manchester United + Chelsea.
  • Triple bet: Arsenal + Everton + Chelsea.
  • Triple bet: Manchester United + Everton + Chelsea.


  • Quadruple bet: Arsenal + Manchester United + Everton + Chelsea.


To calculate the Lucky 15 bet winnings, we will multiply the winning simple bet odds in each winning combination. Then, we will sum the successful bet profits to get the total. We can place Lucky 15 bets on almost every sportsbook. All you need to do is select four possible outcomes. Then, the Lucky 15 option will appear in the betting ticket menu. Last, we'll place the amount to bet, and it will be multiplied by 15. In case the bookmaker does not offer the Lucky 15 option, we can always make it manually. We will only have to select the four simple bets and make the necessary combinations. That way, we will configure the Lucky 15 bet. Lucky 15 bets are very useful when we want to combine several picks. They guarantee higher odds than when placing bets separately. They also allow you to have some failures and still achieve benefits.

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