Liga MX 2020-21 Betting Trends

Mexican Football League - Liga MX 2020-21 Betting Trends
Written by, Oscar Holt Mon 12 Apr
Mexican Football League - Liga MX 2020-21 Betting Trends
Mexican Football League - Liga MX 2020-21 Betting Trends

Liga MX 2020-21 Betting Trends

The Liga MX 2020-21 or Apertura Tournament 2020 is the 104th edition of the Mexican soccer First Division. Also known as Liga BBVA MX due to its sponsor, this is one of America's most relevant soccer leagues. Besides, this is a much-followed league by soccer bettors around the world. Betting stats and trends are beneficial for bettors. They allow them to make good forecasts estimating precisely possible outcomes' occurring probability. So, we'll show you the betting trends you should have in mind to place wagers on Liga MX.

Liga MX 2020-21 News and Format

If you want to bet on Mexican football, you should know some news and the Apertura tournament format. The 2020-21 season brings us the Monarcas de Morelia's change of name and venue. Since this season, they will be Mazatlán Fútbol Club. Likewise, this tournament will have two stages. The first is the qualifying stage with 17 matchdays. Then, we'll have a final stage. This will have reclassification matches, a quarterfinal, semifinals, and the final. With no more preliminaries, let's see the 2020-21 Liga MX betting trends:

Mexican Football League 2020-21 Stats And Trends

When these trends were determined, 62% of the tournament had been disputed, and each team played 10 games. Thus, these betting trends and stats come from a significant data universe.

  • Local teams won 48% of the matches. The draws occurred 26% of the time, and visitors won 25% of the encounters.
  • About goals, there are 242 goals scored, meaning 2.55 goals per game, on average. Also, 47% of the matches had more than 2.5 goals. Both teams scored in 60% of meetings.
  • 72% of matches ended at half-time with one goal or minus. Likewise, 59.5% of scorings came during the matches' second halves.

Home And Away Trends:

  • Monterrey, Pumas UNAM, Cruz Azul, and Club León are undefeated as locals. Each one of them played at least 4 matches at home.
  • The best team at home is Cruz Azul, with a 5-0-0 record. The worst playing as local is Puebla with 1-1-2.
  • The best as a visitor is Club León with a 3-2-1 record. Meanwhile, Tijuana lost 4 matches playing on the road scoring only 1 goal and allowing 10.
  • In the Pachuca's home matches, there are 3 goals on average. On the contrary, when they play away, there is only 1 goal per match.

First-Half / Second-Half Stats:

  • The best team during the matches' first 45 minutes is Pachuca, with a 7-3-0 record. They scored 8 goals while allowing only 1 during 10 first-halves.
  • Regarding matches' second-halves, Cruz Azul is the best with an 8-2-1 record.
  • 80% of Toluca's matches' first-halves had 1 goal or minus. Meantime, the 11 Guadalajara's matches had 1 goal or more when the first-half ended.

When It Comes To Goals, We Have The Following:

  • 7 out of 10 Toluca and Atlético San Luis' matches ended with 2 or more goals.
  • In each of the 5 Juarez's home matches were 1 goal or minus.
  • 5 out of 6 Toluca's away matches ended with 3 goals or more. On the contrary, none of the 5 Pachuca's away matches had more than 2 goals.

Here you have the Mexican Liga MX 2020-21 more relevant betting trends. If you want to beat the bookies betting on this league, you must keep them in mind.

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