How To Bet On The Correct Score

Learn How To Bet On The Correct Score
Written by, Oscar Holt Tue 04 May
Learn How To Bet On The Correct Score
Learn How To Bet On The Correct Score

How To Bet On The Correct Score

Correct score or exact score bets are one of the most popular betting markets. As its name suggests, it means betting on a match's specific score. For example, in the case of soccer, it is about predicting that a match result will be 2-1, 0-0, or 3-2. Unlike the 1X2 market odds, there are many achievable outcomes in these types of bets. The exact score betting odds are much higher than 1X2 odds. They generally have values equal to or greater than 6. The reason is that each possible score has a much lower probability of happening than a draw or a team's victory. A good tipster manages to hit 2 or 3 scores out of 10 games. A hit rate like that already pays off. According to the main European football leagues' stats, the most frequent results are 1-1, 1-0, and 2-1. Typically, these also have the lowest odds. We can bet on the correct score of a match before it starts or during it by betting live. In general, you can bet on both the half-time result and the final score.

Tips To Win By Betting On The Correct Score

  • Look for matches tending to Under 2.5: In these matches, the most probable possible scores are reduced. That is why they are conducive to betting on this market. If the odds for Under 2.5 are less than 1.75, the bookmaker considers it quite likely that there will be less than three goals in the match. Additionally, you can always analyze on your own if the encounter tends to Under 2.5.
  • Look for matches in which the home team has a defensive attitude: These matches should also have few goals. So, the most likely outcomes' universe is limited. Why? Because the home team is usually the most aggressive when looking for scoring, especially if the visiting team is not openly superior to the local team.
  • Find matches where the visitor is the favorite to win: This premise can serve the same objective as the previous ones. But, it is not good that the visitor is a widely favorite as the match could end in a goals' galore.

Strategy To Bet On The Correct Score    

To design a strategy to bet on the exact final result, we must consider the recommendations above. The ideal would be to look for a game with few goals, where the home team is defensive that the visitor is slightly favorite. With these factors, we should have odds between 7.00 and 9.00 for the scores. To bet on the correct score at the end of the first half, besides using the above principles, we will have in mind the following aspects:

The Under 2.5 results' probability is higher because it is played half the time, and the odds will be lower. It is pertinent to use Under 1.5 as a reference. The footballers' physique is at full capacity, so both teams' defensive level is at maximum. Usually, more goals occur during the last 15 minutes of the second half.

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