Betting On LoL World Championship 2021

Are You Ready To Bet On LoL World Championship 2021?
Written by, Kristel Gil Thu 23 Dec
Are You Ready To Bet On LoL World Championship 2021?
Are You Ready To Bet On LoL World Championship 2021?

Betting On LoL World Championship 2021

The Chinese city of Wuhan will be the heart of the 2021 League of Legends World Cup, a competition that will revisit the Asian country after a difficult year in which Korea has regained its competitive throne. Everything showed us that the celebration of the 2020 World Cup would be a real party to celebrate in China. A decade of League of Legends esports history. But, the pandemic arrived and thwarted all plans.

Some Changes On This LoL World Championship 2021

The next LoL World Championship is expected to be remote due to the pandemic that has hit the world in 2020 and so far this year. This change is significant for many fans who wanted to see their favorite players play in a dome. For now, fans expect to watch this championship at home to prevent the spread of covid-19. Of course, this will not be an obstacle for us from seeing our favorite teams give their best effort to be crowned champions in this year 2021.

Favorite Teams For This LoL World Championship

All the classified teams have shown their potential throughout the qualifiers and many people already have their favorite teams and the odds for these teams.

1. DWG Kia

DWG Kia is sweeping and has had an incredible performance through the play-offs with an abysmal win rate and stomping teams that were expected to qualify in the tournament. This is the first time that DWG Kia will participate in a world championship.

2. Top Sports

Fighting for the first position behind DWG Kia, this team is doing mostly good against their rivals, showing us their potential with amazing and some unexpected plays in some of their matches. Since its founding, it has flirted with the LPL title and finally, in the summer of 2020, it lifted the title, making them the top favorites for the World Cup.

3. Suning

Suning is a team that has been in the LPL for several years but has been competing at the bottom of the table so far. A good summer split allowed them to reach the third place and later sneak into the group stage by winning the Chinese regional finals.

4. Invictus gaming

Invictus Gaming became the first Chinese team to win the League of Legends World Cup; it did so in the home of its eternal rival Korea and gave rise to a new dynasty of Chinese teams as world champions in the future, just as it had happened in recent years with the Koreans.

5. T1

T1 is known as the best team in League of Legends history. Founded in February 2014; numerous prestigious players have passed through its club, such as Faker, the best in the world. In their showcases, they have numerous titles, among which we find several LCK and three world championships.

LoL World Championship Odds 2021

For this LoL World Championship 2021, these are the expected odds at this moment for various teams:

  • DWG KIA +175
  • Top Esports +450
  • T1 +800
  • Invictus Gaming +900
  • JD Gaming +1200
  • Suning +1200
  • G2 Esports +1200
  • FunPlus Phoenix +2000
  • Gen.G +2200
  • DRX +2200
  • Fnatic +5000
  • Afreeca Freecs +5000
  • Cloud9 +5000
  • Team Liquid +6000
  • MAD Lions +6600

Now, you have everything you need to enjoy the 2021 LoL World Championship. Even you can place your wagers if you're an esports bettor. Let's see which team will win this year.


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