Draw Soccer Betting Predictions in England Leagues

Bet On Draw Soccer Betting Predictions in England Leagues
Written by, Jake Woodward Tue 18 Dec
Bet On Draw Soccer Betting Predictions in England Leagues
Bet On Draw Soccer Betting Predictions in England Leagues

Draw Soccer Betting Predictions in England Leagues

A lot of people often ignore the draw in soccer betting, focusing on a team to win the game instead. While backing the draw may not be as much fun as backing a team to win, it can be very profitable, and you should take note of teams who draw a lot of games. The draw is always a reasonable price, usually anywhere between 2/1 and 3/1 so just a handful of illustrated games can make the team profitable to follow when backing the draw.

Here is some draw betting predictions that are worth following:


Brentford is struggling for form in the Championship this season, but they are making themselves very difficult to beat. This has resulted in a lot of drawn games, they have brought six of their 11 games so far, which makes them hugely profitable to back in the draw market. If the draw price averages out at 5/2, then they would have given roughly ten points profit so far this season. This is how Brentford play, and while they continue to play this way, with the same players in the team, they should continue to be profitable in the draw market.


Walsall is mid-table in League One after 12 games, winning three, drawing five and losing four. They have been very inconsistent, and that includes drawing a lot of the time. While only five bets out of 12 would have won, the price of the draw makes them a very profitable soccer betting proposition. By averaging 5/2 on the draw price, Walsall would have given roughly five points profit so far this season, which shows you don’t need many winners to be in profit. Walsall will remain inconsistent, and that will make them profitable on the draw market over the coming games.


Rochdale is struggling to win football games this season, and so far, they have won just two of their 12 games. However, what they have done is become very difficult to beat, and their other ten games have been split between five draws and five defeats. This makes them a logical proposition when it comes to the draw market. An average draw price of 5/2 will have given a profit of roughly five points so far, and there is no reason to think this will stop. Rochdale knows they are struggling, so defending is their primary concern right now and they will be hoping to continue to draw in the coming games. This style will keep them profitable so make sure you watch out for Rochdale in the coming weeks.

In Conclusion

Many people often don’t look at the draw as something to bet on, but this is a poor decision and one that could cost you some profit. Backing the draw can be very profitable, and you do not need a lot of winning bets to make a profit. Just a few draws will give you a good return, as the three teams highlighted show, and they need following in the coming weeks.

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