Who Will Win The J League 2022?

Who Will Win The J League 2022 Season?
Written by, Jacob Cook Sun 24 Jul
Who Will Win The J League 2022 Season?
Who Will Win The J League 2022 Season?

Who Will Win The J League 2022?

On February 18, the new season of the Japan J League began. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important tournaments in Asian football and will run until November 5 to select the Japanese champion. The Japanese league is strong and technical. Every year, this league grows, and there is an elite of teams. Some powerful clubs are making merits to generate a league with very strong performances that can worthily represent Japan in international competitions. The fans are intense and take football with total passion. Like in other leagues, several top teams each year come out as favorites to win the J League. Three teams are relegated to the second division in the tournament, while others will be promoted.

Kawasaki Frontale Will Try To Win The J League

This season has started similarly, as the last one finished. That is, the current champion and the most powerful team in Japan, Kawasaki Frontale, is again leading the standings. Last season, Frontale had no rivals who could jeopardize the championship and won easily. The Yokohama Marinos, Vissel Kobe, Kashima Antlers, and Nagoya Grampus teams tried unsuccessfully to compromise the domain of Kawasaki Frontale. However, one of the most interesting characteristics of the J League is the excitement that many unexpected things happen. For example, we are witnessing that in these first dates of the 2022 season, Vissel Kobe, a team that finished in the third position last season, is today in penultimate place. They have just 4 points and are very close to the two teams that will descend to the second division.

It leads us to think about which teams have the best chance of winning the championship. So, the big favorite again is the Kawasaki Frontale. This club keeps the players that led it to be the best team in Japan during the last years. They have been able to achieve a high performance despite having lost some players. So, the fight will be against Kawasaki, which is already in first place in the standings and has had an excellent start to the season. But, it is quite likely that things will not be as easy as the last season for Frontale. In this sense, these two teams will once again seek revenge and give everything to win the championship: Kashima Antlers and Yokohama F. Marinos.

Both Marinos and Antlers are rivals to take into account throughout the season. These two teams have the technical level and depth of players to dream of the championship. Besides, in recent seasons, they have become the most powerful rivals of Kawasaki. These three clubs represent the best, the strongest of Japanese football. However, the season is practically at its beginning, and the big surprise is the poor performance of Vissel Kobe. This club will need much more than a miracle to repeat the excellent performance of last season. But the J League is already with its engines running, and as usual, the Kawasaki is the first to accelerate and show its power. We will see what surprises the rest of the season holds for us.

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