The Thriving World Of Esports Betting

The Rise Of Esports Betting: Opportunities And Challenges
Written by, Jake Woodward Sat 08 Jul
The Rise Of Esports Betting: Opportunities And Challenges
The Rise Of Esports Betting: Opportunities And Challenges

The Thriving World Of Esports Betting

Esport is short for electronic sport, meaning these are essentially games we are discussing. League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive, and DotA 2 are the most famous eSports plays.

Opportunities Of Esports Betting

The rise of eSports in the past couple of years has brought some benefits to both the industry and the players, and here are two key ones:

Increasing Popularity Of Competitive Gaming

The popularity of games is only increasing as they are career paths. Although we wouldn’t recommend it, people plan to make it as it’s as complicated as becoming a pro in any sport. Regarding betting, it’s great because people who know about eSports and how it works can profit from their knowledge.

Diversification Of The Betting Industry

One of the most significant opportunities of eSport betting is expanding the betting industry and diversification of the same. You see, eSports is online, and life bets are part of it, and since it’s playing games, there are far more matches than in football, for example. You can’t run out of stuff to bet on with many leagues and different games.

Challenges Of Esports Betting

Although it’s on the rise in popularity and only getting bigger, it still has some areas they need to improve. Here are the three biggest problems regarding eSports betting.

Lack Of Regulation

As it’s new, few regulations and laws are in place. That’s why there are so many match-fixing and cheating scandals. And if things like that start to appear often, it can negatively impact the world of eSports. Stuff like that needs a proper response from the law; if you get caught cheating in the game, you are out of the league, and that’s it. If they find you cheating or match-fixing in any other sport, you would be banned and fined a lot of money. However, this will change as it’s already a big industry and only getting bigger. Meaning it won’t allow something to happen to ruin its reputation.

Limited Availability On Betting Markets

It’s not a question of eSports being like other sports; it is. But, the problem is available in betting markets, as they are not as common as in other sports. Big betting markets are probably waiting for regulation to add eSports. You can place bets on some online casinos and eSports events, but they usually aren’t certified and don’t take money but crypto and digital items of value. So we can’t recommend them as we can only recommend something certified and proven to work.

Lack Of Understanding Of Esports

People, especially older people, are still unaware of eSports and the option to bet on it. And they are not to blame. It’s still new. Everyone has heard about eSports, but people need more reassurance to bet on others playing video games. Just like every other challenge of eSports betting, fix this one as soon as more regulations are in place.

Closing Thoughts

The eSports scene is only a few years old and on the rise. We are sure that it will get more significant year after year. They are still imperfect for betting but have great potential to become like all other sports.


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