Betting On Draw Strategies

Sportsprediction Blog | Betting On Draw Strategies
Written by, Jake Woodward Tue 24 Mar
Sportsprediction Blog | Betting On Draw Strategies
Sportsprediction Blog | Betting On Draw Strategies

Betting On Draw Strategies

Most punters have a preference of backing one team or another to win a game. They believe that a particular team stands a chance to ace the game based on their form, team tactics, the form of the players, or any other reason.

Betting on draw selection is quite popular in the punting world; this is because a quarter of football matches have drawn as their outcome.

Sometimes, betting on draw might sound like a good idea. This often happens when there is an expectation that the game will be tough for both teams. It could also be as a result of one of the groups having a reputation to draw matches based on statistics. There are individual leagues where drawing games is quite frequent.

Every ordinary punter who identifies this type of opportunity will embrace it with both arms.


Team Motivation

The prevailing trend in draw bets is that they take a look at the league table and pick the teams that are toe to toe with each other. This line of thought is simple when two football teams have a close margin between them on the table; their strengths are similar. This means that since they have almost equal powers, they should be able to match up to each other, and the game will end in a stalemate.

The line of thought is not exactly right; if there is a slight difference between the two teams, motivation could drive the better team to win. Teams don't precisely see drawing a game as a good thing.

The main ingredient is this strategy is motivation. Here we will ask questions like, "Are any of the teams going to be comfortable withdrawing the game?" When most teams are out to get a draw, they keep on defending until the last minute of the game. You should be looking for these types of teams.

To identify this opportunity, you need to go through the statistics and view the team from a different perspective. If you can put aside the standard analysis to predict the winner, you can get a clear picture of what you are looking for.


Progressive Draw Bet Strategy

This strategy is widespread among punters, and it is also a risky one because you might lose a lot of money while making use of it.

Here is how it works; you research and select a team whom you believe will have a high frequency of draw games during a season. And then you start betting on every single match they will play throughout the season. In the event you make a loss, you will increase your stakes.

The increase is supposed to make you recover your previous losses and make some profit in the event you win the next bet. This strategy is similar to the Martingale strategy.


Wrap Up!

While engaging in draw bets, you should bear in mind that they are not easy to come by. It is recommended that you get the best strategy that suits your personality and also practice proper money management. You certainly do not want to lose your profits.

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