La Liga Golden Boot

La Liga Golden Boot 2020 Predictions
Written by, Jacob Cook Fri 04 Sep
La Liga Golden Boot 2020 Predictions
La Liga Golden Boot 2020 Predictions

La Liga Golden Boot

The golden boot to the Spanish soccer league's maximum scorer is called the "Pichichi" trophy. This trophy was named in honor of the player Rafael Moreno Aranzadi, one of the best Spanish scorers at the beginning of the last century, and his nickname was Pichichi. Every footballer playing in La Liga wants to achieve this prize. Moreover, betting on who will be the next scorer leader in the Spanish soccer top-flight is one of the most popular markets. Who will win the Pichichi trophy this season? Leo Messi, Karim Benzema, Luis Suarez, and Antoine Griezmann are usually candidates for this prize. Let's read below to know the golden boot 2020 La Liga predictions.

The race to be the Pichichi of La Liga 2019-2020

By the time the Coronavirus expansion stopped the Santander League, 27 dates had been played. At that time, the scorers' table was headed by FC Barcelona star Leo Messi with 19 goals. Real Madrid's player Karim Benzema followed him with 14. Then, came several players tied with 11: also Barça player Luis Suárez, Lucas, from Alavés, Gerard, from Villarreal, and Roger, from Levante. It should be noted that on matchday 25, in the game against Eibar, Messi scored 4 goals, allowing him to extend his advantage over Benzema. In fact, with 11 games to go before the League ending, this could be a complicated difference to save for the French Real Madrid striker.

In this sense, the race to be the season's top scorer seems to focus on two players: Messi and Benzema. If we review their scoring averages so far, we will find that Messi has scored 0.90 goals for every 90 minutes played. He has participated in 22 of FC Barcelona's 27 matches this season. For his part, Benzema has a goals' average for every 90 minutes of 0.57. With these averages, we can project the number of goals these forwards could achieve at the season's ending. Thus, Messi could theoretically reach 29 goals in total, assuming that he will play all the remaining Barça matches. As for Benzema, if he maintains his current average, he would reach 20 scorings.

The final part of the fight for the top scorer trophy

The league resumption after several weeks interrupted could bring some changes that alter these projections. Key injured players will return to the action. This is the case of Luis Suarez in FC Barcelona. His presence could mean into a more dynamic Barcelona's offensive and more goals for Messi. Or maybe not. The Uruguayan striker could take part in Barça's goal production, reducing the number of goals projected for Messi. We must remember that the Argentine star's role during the last seven matches before the stopping was more as an assistant than a striker. He made half of his 2019-2020 season's assistance during these seven games.

The season resume also could bring lesions. After a long time without real playing action, these stellar players could suffer injuries that limit their goal production. On the other hand, inspired matches with several goals scored for Benzema o Suarez could quickly reduce the difference respecting Messi.

We'll have to wait for the 2019-2020 La Liga restart to see if any of these possibilities come true. In any case, Lionel Messi seems to keep his domain in the achieving of the La Liga golden boot.

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