Effective Strategies For Double Chance Betting In 2024

2024 Proven Strategies For Double Chance Betting
Written by, Kristel Gil Tue 30 Apr
2024 Proven Strategies For Double Chance Betting
2024 Proven Strategies For Double Chance Betting

Effective Strategies For Double Chance Betting In 2024

Double chance betting and other betting strategies are a punter’s attempt to diversify from 1X2 betting, which is the most traditional way of placing sports wagers. Novel betting selections like double chance are not widely known to bettors, but there’s a distinct need in 2022 to explore new ways to give oneself an edge over the bookie. That way, betting value can be found, leading to more profit and a more satisfying gambling experience.

Why Double Chance Betting?

The double chance bet modifies the average 1X2 bet to allow for a safer wager with a higher win probability. The 1X2 or Moneyline bet is a 3-way bet with three possible outcomes: Home wins, Away win, or Draw. Therefore, the chance of winning a Moneyline bet is 1/3, or 33.33%. It is a massive problem for sports punters, even those with exceptional knowledge of the sport, because the Draw possibility makes it easier to get the prediction wrong. That’s where double chance comes in. The double case is a 2-way bet with only two possible outcomes:

  • Home win or Draw (1X)

  • Away win or Draw (2X)

It makes the punter’s assignment much easier - prove that you know the stronger of the two teams. You can only go wrong if the weaker team wins. The possibility of winning the bet goes up to 66.67%, twice the probability of winning the 1X2 bet. Below are strategies for making full use of this easy and effective bet.

Know Your Teams

Proper research is the cornerstone of a successful professional betting career. Sure, some sports gambling requires luck, but it’s vital to know the participating teams’ history (especially recent) to ensure success. This knowledge may be organic for punters naturally interested in that sport or sourced through research. Please find out how each team has been doing recently, specifically in their latest five matches. Look at the head-to-head (H2H) records of the two groups to discover who is the better. These statistics enable the bettor to make a more informed double-chance betting decision, increasing the likelihood of making a correct prediction.

Up The Stakes

Double chance is a more straightforward prediction than the regular 1X2 bet because double chance covers two possibilities out of the possible three, while 1X2 presents all three possible outcomes. The more straightforward prediction comes with lower prices because, in gambling, a prediction that is easier to make always pays less. Punters can increase their stake to offset this reduced potential reward, wagering reasonably higher amounts than they would 1X2 or Moneyline betting. Since the double chance is safer, the danger of losing the bet should still be reasonably low. The higher stake means a higher potential profit at the end of it all.

Capitalize On Evenly Matched Games

Evenly matched games are notoriously difficult to predict because the teams involved are of relatively equal strength. In these contests, a Home win, Away win, or Draw is almost equally probable, but the bookies almost always tend to disfavor a draw, placing high prices on that outcome. Examples of this are matches in the final stages of cup competitions, e.g., quarters, semis, and finals. These games are an opportunity to use the safer double chance bet while enjoying reasonably profitable odds compared to games with a clear favorite and underdog.



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