Over/Under Soccer Betting Markets

Total Goals Soccer Betting Markets
Written by, Jake Woodward Tue 11 Jun
Total Goals Soccer Betting Markets
Total Goals Soccer Betting Markets

Over/Under Soccer Betting Markets

Of all the soccer betting markets that exist, over/under betting, or total bets, as it is also sometimes referred to as is one of the most popular. This type of bet is one of the easiest to master, and if you play your cards right, and employ the right strategies, such as sports prediction, you may be looking at a huge payout.

What Are Over/Under Bets?

Over/Under bets can be applied to virtually any sport. In the case of football, you'd be betting on the total number of goals scored by both the teams in one match. The bookmaker sets a total, and you would have to guess whether the number of goals at the end of the match would be over or under the given total.

Usually, the bookie sets the total at 2.5 goals and provides odds for both over and under options.

It's relatively easy to understand. If you bet that a game will result in Over 2.5, then both teams most score 3 or more goals for you to win. If you pick Under 2.5, then, at the end of the match, the total number of goals that were scored must be less than 2.

Unlike other soccer betting markets, which involve a variety of possible outcomes, total bets only have two options, you other win or you lose. Due to the recent popularity of total wagers, some sportsbooks allow you to bet on various other things, like the number of yellow cards or free kicks.

Which Bet To Make?

If you know the game well, it should be reasonably easy for you to predict what the total number of goals will be at the end of a match. One thing you should take into consideration before placing a bet in this market is goal averages. Take a quick look at the number of goals both the teams scored the last couple of times they met each other through reliable news. Also keep in mind the recent form of both teams, whether it is a home or away fixture.

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